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Our products are widely used in: RC Hobbies, RC model parts, unmanned aircraft, tents, kites, toys, tool handles, golf bags, golf practice net, sailing, windmills, flagpoles, drone UAV shafts, fishing floats, arrows and bows, curtains, mosquito nets, X-display, block tin, PCB equipment shaft instead of steel or plastic, tool handle, window cleaning water fed poles, sailboat mast, highway tolling system barrier arm, exhaust pipe and muffler for automobile and motorcycle, automobile modified accessories, telescopic pipes, telescopic mast, marine mast, the water rescue products, special-shaped products,etc.. OEM & ODM service as customers requirements can available.

Products manufacturing process including: Heat molding processing, Rolling or filament winding, Pultrusion/extrusion, Hand lay-up, Vacuum bag molding technology, carbon CNC processing;

Material: Kevlar, Carbon fiber, carbon fabric, Hybrid , first-rate fiberglass;

Surface: 3K Twill weave, 3K pain weave, Natural surface, Polished or glossy, Matte 

Color: as your requirement

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